Tara and Dennis,
I just wanted to thank you so much for putting on the Masters competition this weekend. It was an invaluable experience for multiple reasons.
I fell in love with Crossfit last December and began coaching after I obtained my Level 1 in July. The support and love and enthusiasm made me realize very quickly that I had found a home in Crossfit, despite being older than the majority.
Being amongst peer athletes in our community this weekend brought a new level of pride for me.
Though it was a competition, it felt more like a big group of friends hanging out and doing what they love. It was nice to briefly step away from being the parents of the box and experience a whole new level of camaraderie.
You guys are fantastic and I greatly appreciate what you bring to the community.
Thank you!!!

Vanessa Hampton
CrossFit Barefoot

Great event-thanks for all the work-made us feel young again- until Sunday.
Thomas Lynn

Hey Judge / Coach Jenny!

Just wanted to drop you a sincere thank you! Talon put on one of the best run events that I have ever been to! This was the first old man event that I entered. Thank you for your sweet demeanor and stern coaching advice. The overhead squat just about scared me out of the competition. I would not have gotten through two rounds without your encouragement!

Your New Friend,

Mayor Foster City of Hendersonville – Shackle Island Crossfit