WOD 4 Announced!


HSPU/KB/DU Ascending Ladder – AMRAP 10 minutes – presented by Shoemaker Financial


6 KB Swings

12 Double-unders


12 KB Swings

24 Double-unders


18 KB Swings

36 Double-unders


24 KB Swings

48 Double-unders


30 KB Swings

60 Double-unders


36 KB Swings

72 Double-unders…

Men 35-49: HSPU with 2” deficit; 53# KB

Men 50+: HSPU; 53# KB

Women 35-49: HSPU; 35# KB

Women 50+: HSPU; 25# KB

Scaling options:

For all divisions, if you choose to scale this WOD, because of scoring, you will be required to scale the HSPU to Hand-release Pushups, AND the double-unders to single-unders. The KB weight will remain the same. You will still do the same number of reps, but your score will be ranked below anyone who completes the WOD as prescribed. If you choose to do the Rx, you must be able to complete at least 2 rounds for your score to count. If you are unable to complete at least 2 rounds, you will given a DNF for this WOD  So…once again, choose wisely.

Movement Standards:

Handstand Push Up: There will be an abmat with a 25lb plate making contact with the abmat on each side. *FOR THE DEFICIT, two 25lb plates will be used on each side. Hands/fingers may NOT be inside the holes or hanging off of the plates. The movement begins in a handstand position. The athlete will then lower themselves onto the ab-mat and push back up into a fully locked out position with arms extended. Feet must be inside the width of your hands when at full extension and in contact with the wall. If an athlete chooses to start in headstand, he/she must first push up into a full handstand before they can begin their first rep. (The pushup from the headstand DOES NOT count as a rep.) Athlete may do strict or kipping HSPU.

Hand­ Release Push Up: Athlete pushes up in to a fully locked out plank position with arms extended. Athlete’s chest must touch the ground and hands must flash on every rep.

Kettlebell Swing: At the top of the swing, the athlete’s arms must be fully extended and ears showing in front of arms. The knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows must be in vertical line. The base of the kettlebell must be pointed towards the sky. The kettlebell must pass between the legs before the start of the next swing. NO DROPPING OF THE KETTLEBELLS! If an athlete drops a kettlebell, a 5 burpee penalty will be enforced immediately.

Double Unders / Singles: (DU) The jump rope must pass under the athletes feet twice before the athlete’s feet return to the ground. (SU) The jump rope must pass under the athlete’s feet once before the athlete’s feet return to the ground.