WOD 2 Announced!

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1RM of Clean Complex Ladder – presented by Max Muscle

1 Power Clean
1 Squat Clean
1 Jerk

The Clean Complex weights are as follows:

Men: 115#, 135#, 165#, 185#, 205#, 220#, 235#, 245#, 255#

Women: 65#, 80#, 95#, 110#, 125#, 135#, 145#, 155#

All of you Music City Box Leaguers remember this one!

The athlete’s hands must remain on the bar throughout the entire complex for a rep to be considered a good rep. The squat clean MUST be a touch-n-go from the lowering of the power clean; the athlete cannot rest the bar on the ground. Athletes may pause at the top of the squat clean as long as the bar remains on his/her chest before performing the jerk.

Athletes will begin at the lightest end of the ladder and will have one minute to complete the complex to standard. If one portion of the complex is no repped, but the athlete has not taken his/her hands off the bar or allowed the bar to touch the ground, the athlete may perform that portion of the complex again without having to redo the entire complex to continue towards the completion of the complex. The entire complex must be completed to standard within the minute. If an athlete completes a successful lift, he/she will move to the next weight in the ladder. The athlete will continue to move through the ladder until they can no longer complete the complex at the designated weight within the minute provided. Fifteen (15) points will be awarded for each weight completed on the ladder.  If an athlete is unable to complete the entire complex, 5 points will be awarded for each successful movement of the complex plus 1 point for each lateral bar burpee. Partial completion of the heaviest weight attempted and lateral bar burpees will be used as a tiebreaker for the WOD. Once an athlete fails a weight, he/she will have the remainder of the minute to complete as many lateral bar burpees as possible. If an athlete completes a good rep at one weight, advancing to the next bar, but does not want to attempt the weight, he/she may use the entire minute to complete as many lateral bar burpees as possible.  More than one attempt may be made at each weight within the allotted minute, but only one successful complex will be awarded points. (You don’t get extra credit for doing more than one complex;)

Movement Standards

Power Clean- The bar begins on the ground. Athlete must clean the weight to the shoulder receiving it in either a muscle or power position, and then reach full hip extension with the bar resting in the front rack before the first movement in the complex is completed. The athlete’s elbows must be in front of the vertical plane of the bar when in the front rack position. The athlete’s hip crease may not pass below the knee in a power clean; a squat clean is NOT permitted.

Squat Clean– The bar will be lowered from the previous power clean into a touch-n-go squat clean.  Athletes may power clean the weight, then perform a front squat in order to reach the crease below the knee standard of the squat clean. Athletes must then reach full hip extension with the bar resting in the front rack with elbows in front of the vertical plane of the bar before the second movement in the complex is completed.

Jerk (Shoulder to Overhead)- The last movement in the complex will begin in the front rack position upon standing from the squat clean. They may then perform an overhead press, a push press, a push jerk, or a split jerk. The rep will be counted when the athlete has reached full extension of the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and have their feet under their hips.

Lateral burpee over bar standards: Athlete completes a burpee parallel to the bar with chest and thighs touching the ground, push up into a standing position and jumps or steps laterally over the bar to complete 1 rep. Athlete does not have to clap over head or show full extension.